Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cast a Broken Spell ..


I cast my pearls
Fresh from the shimmering shell
But you were too busy with the trough to notice

I cast a clean net
Wide open into the ocean so blue
But you preferred the warmer flesh of this earth

I cast a pebble
To skim the surface of stilled waters
But it swiftly sank in the curling of winter waves

I cast alabaster
To maintain posterity’s appearance
But you chipped striking character with impunity

I cast a shadow
Across the face of deeper thoughts
But the sunlight dimmed behind clouds of doubt
I cast a glance
In the general direction of your eye
But you were still winking at those fallen angels

I cast sweet fruit
Vine-ripened and filled with nectar
But you were drunk on power and selfish greed
I cast aspersions
To awaken you from heartless pride
But you wanted only to deny this very existence
I cast you aside
To preserve a measure of my dignity
 *     *     *


Jyoti Mishra said...

awesome post !!!

KW said...

Thanks Jyoti .. great to have such a positive comment .. hope you stop back often .. Cheers! KW