Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time On My Hands

I Forget You

Every day I will forget you
Turn back the clock on love I regret too

Time on my hands is a juggling act
A clown at the circus
Jokers arrive in packs
Spiders weave their web
An apple falls from the tree
Maturity heals a broken heart
The sun will rise on another day
Certain things you can always trust
But memory doesn’t depend on facts

If ever you see my face along a crowded street
Catch my glimpsed reflection in a bright shop window
Consider it a trick of the light and keep walking

That girl on the road who shares your hairstyle
Those rippling sunbeams that reflect your smile
A soft voice on the train echoing your laughter
And fleeting silhouettes that mirror your profile

None of them remind me of what was possible
I’ve no more remembrance of a lingering touch
No recollection from days we gently embraced
Nor any saved mementos since to gather dust

If you ever feel the shadow of me passing near
A draught of familiar air brushes past your shoulders
Don’t think of coincidence and just keep talking

Memories don’t always depend on facts
Certain things you can usually trust
The sun rises at the break of day
Maturity silences broken hearts
Apples drop from their tree
Spiders spin deadly webs
And jokers top the stack
Clowns rule the circus
While time on my hands is a juggling act

Turn back the clock on love I regret too
Every day I will forget you

*     *     *