Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In Grand Style

Two Pianos

Two pianos sit idle in the corner of the room
Silent complements to gathering dust
Melodies once played by nimble fingers
Refrain commencing but for this mournful tune

Sunlight ripples across tarnished ebony veneer
Wire and winch bent and sprung so loose
Chipped ivory now appendages touch wood
Sounds of compositions none will ever more hear

Baby dreamt of one fine day to be fully grand
Superfluous chords will never again sing
Time takes toll on the sweetest of harmonies
Jingling keys locked the door on a practised hand

If these two pianos broken but learned with age
Could reverberate softly vibrato this air
A record of old songs they previously played
Hummingbird notes as once danced from the cage

The richness of creation an enchanting delight
Holds tranquil memories of fretful rehearsal
A childhood exhausted in front of sheet music
Torn snapshot moments forever in black and white

Days drag by toward their final evening’s glow
Slumbering stillness of an eloquent past
Damp and cold warped legs and glazed sheen
Wrinkled spine winters gone outside drifting snow

They occupied a place packed in antique ideals
Life itself enclosed in those wooden boxes
Lids now sealed heartfelt affair left unspoken
These two pianos that brought so much earlier joy
Will live in the heart after the pain of loss finally heals

*     *     *

*     *     *


Deborah Lawrenson said...

Like this very much, Kevin. Especially the opening lines and the "wrinkled spine winters".

KW said...

Thank you so much Deborah .. this little 'composition' means a lot to me and your praise is encouraging .. I tried to work a few emotive memories in along with the instrument-based word-plays .. like those globules of wax captured in olive oil bottles that can be seen as simply a natural response to the chill of winter, or as ghosts trapped in time to terrorize the imaginations of children, the pianos themselves are a metaphor; though these particular pianos are real, perhaps they still contain the remnants of melodies past and allow the spirits of those who once sat before them, now passed, to live on ..

Thanks for reading .. and for your kind words .. KW

... daisy... said...

I love pianos... the sound rich of pathos and the way melancholy can be awakened only with some of their keys! The way you describe these lonely pianos it's almost as being there in the room and catching all details... sensing the colours, smelling the dust... enjoying the sound... living the memories... unveiling secrets

KW said...

Yes, the piano is one of my favourite instruments Daisy, though not as easy to carry around as a whistle .. I had piano lessons as a child but gave up in a matter of months because I was utterly bored playing scales .. so, about 10 years ago, having been informed by an influential professor that pretty much everyone is capable of learning a second language and to play a musical instrument, I decided to teach myself, if only for my own pleasure ..

Anyway, I was sitting in this hauntingly atmospheric little place built into the underground walls of the old town well into the wee hours, playing Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ with it’s lazy melancholic refrain, and I decided to photograph the piano, everyone thought I was a bit crazy – but they probably do anyway haha .. ah, see you've gotten me to relive memories and unveil secrets haha ..

Thanks for your lovely and thoughtful comments Daisy, it means a lot to know there are people who enjoy reading my verses .. {;o)

... daisy... said...

Of course we enjoy reading your words! How could it be any different? :-)

KW said...

Is that "the royal we" Daisy ? lol .. thanks again, I'm really glad you enjoy the words - and the thoughts behind them ..

Oh, btw: have a look at my video .. the link is on the right of the page .. {;o)

... daisy... said...

Ahahahaha... no we "readers" there are many, maybe not everybody leaves a comment... truly enough I really think a lot before writing down something... (well not that much because I'm quite instinctive...) your words are beautifully written and sometimes I (I don't know others) feel somehow not doing justice to your posts with my comments... I don't know if I made myself clear... I really have issues to follow my thoughts myself... :-D

KW said...

Daisy, your kind words are generous indeed but, correct, people are generally hesitant to leave comments .. I receive many more comments on my FB page and am pleased to say I get 'hits' from nearly every country in the world, quite astonishing at times - and often people find me from photos I've posted or from other pages, so it is nice when people (like yourself) put links on their Blogs ..

I don't think you have too many issues expressing yourself Daisy, in fact the posts on your Blog frequently ring very true with me .. for some, our hearts are so fragile and yet we try to face the world with what dignity we can muster .. Grazie per la lettura .. sei una stella luminosa .. {;o)x

... daisy... said...

Oh where is you FB page? Did I miss it?
And really thanks for the beautiful compliment... really! Thank you! I don't feel shining often, but I really thank you. :-) And you made me blush! :-)

stephanie gale said...

this was about as much of a vacation as I'm to see in a while...but it sure was a sweet one!

KW said...

Oh Daisy, you deserve all the compliments .. but, making you blush!? your posts make even me blush sometimes! haha .. e tu sei sicuramente una stella che brilla nel mio vita – even in your Pasadena Rose Bowl t-shirt (evidentemente sei molto amato e ammirato), a lovely pic of an exceptionally talented and charming young lady ....{;o)

KW said...

It certainly was Stephanie (like chocolate and strawberries), but I'm rather hoping it doesn't have to end quite yet .. surely you haven't forgotten my dream of dinner overlooking the Dome after throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain ..? .. haha .. {;o)

... daisy... said...

You are too kind! :) THANK YOU!

stephanie gale said...

no, did not... and I will tell you to hang onto that dream until you make it a reality. because I have been to the Trevi Fountain, and dropped in my coins...and that, and all of Italy, was a dream-come-true kind of place! a treat I shall ever remember.
(e grazie per le tue parole in Italiano! che bella lingua!)

KW said...

@ Daisy .. siete i benvenuti .. in qualsiasi momento .. {;o)

@ Stephanie .. Italiano, la lingua del cuore .. and with patience and perseverance I hope to make that dream a reality .. because you dropped a coin in the fountain you are obviously aware of the legend, those who do so will return .. So che miei desideri .. un penny per i tuoi pensieri .. {;o)

Heinz Rainer said...

inspiring your world

stephanie gale said...

Have already made my return it is true! But have dreams to return yet again someday.
Italiano; veramente!
Attenzione! The rate of exchange has increased. You'll need more like a quarter for my thoughts these days; for more self-value ...and inflation! ;-D

KW said...

Haha .. you are such a funny lady .. But, dear oh dear Stephanie – are we quibbling over exchange rates, or are you trying to negotiate a settlement ..? Knew I shouldn’t have mentioned Greece haha .. On reflection, I think your thoughts have gotta be worth two bits at least (though you do value yourself highly haha) .. ma, cosa di realt√† migliore di un sogno che si avvera .. Hmmm? .. tbc .. {;o)

KW said...

@ Heinz .. thanks for the comment, and the FB praise! .. enjoying your travels and looking forward to more .. Cheers .. KW

Tameka said...

Kevin, we seem to have a few things in common, but before I go there, I'd like to say I loved this poem for the rhythm, wording and emotion behind it and also because it hits me at home. Now to the things we have in common... I took up piano in my youth and wanted desperately to continue, but my efforts were stopped by my mom who was having her issues. So it's something that I always regretted not completing so a year or so ago, I bought a keyboard and have been attempting to teach myself. The piano I once played was old and out of tune and I often imagined what it sounded like in its better days when it was played by a real musician.

The other thing we have in common is that I worked for the Census, but in 2000. I truly need to visit here more often. :-)

KW said...

Really appreciate you stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments - I thank you sincerely Tameka..

Yes, I taught myself how to play piano a few years back after having given up as a child due to boredom (probably partly brought on by lack of money for a 'real' piano) - I became reasonably adept at a few Cole Porter, Beatles, lots of 70s ballads and 'rock and soul' tunes as well as working hard to learn a bit of Gershwin and a couple simple classical pieces, so if you really work at it you can do it .. for me it was about giving myself the enjoyment as well as the sense of accomplishment by proving to myself I was capable .. SO, other than me having lived in Detroit for years as a youngster (into my mid-teens) we also worked for the same agency eh? haha .. what did you do? can you tell me? haha .. I worked out of Washington DC and did research .. yeah, we should should chat more - and yes, drop by often .. Thanks again .. {;o)