Saturday, 18 December 2010

I Wanna Be George Clooney

I Wanna Be George Clooney

I don’t want to sell flowers on the street
I don’t wanna wear old saffron robes
Put plastic sandals on my feet
I don’t wanna sing songs under a tree
I don’t wanna be a spiritual Moonie
I wanna be George Clooney

I don’t wanna play football on a local team
I don’t want dry sand kicked in my face
Hope for a small town dream
I don’t wanna live in a tent by the sea
I don’t wanna be a guy who’s puny
I wanna be George Clooney

Star struck bum truck
Cleaning up the rich man’s muck
Hollywood Bollywood I’ll do whatever Dolly would

Flash car fast life
Alimony payment to my third wife
Uptown tinsel town I'll be a happy celluloid clown

I don’t want to be a man in an off the rack suit
I don’t wanna live in a suburban sprawl
Shucking corn for my daily loot
I don’t wanna beg on bended knee
I don’t wanna be a dust bowl Zuni
I wanna be George Clooney

I don’t wanna win a contested political seat
I don’t want to argue deals with lawyers
Vote on wars or take the heat
I don’t wanna enter a last minute plea
I don’t wanna be a raving loony
I wanna be George Clooney

*     *     *


Rachel Hoyt said...

I included a link to this post in my poem about resolutions and wacky rhymes. I hope you’ll come over to read it when you get some time. :o)

I thought I'd left you a comment the last time I read it... but hopefully the link back will show you I did not forget it.

Rhyme Me a Smile

KW said...

Hi Rachel .. thanks for reading - but what!? wacky rhyme?! - I'm perfectly serious, I DO wanna be George Clooney {;op

However, and seriously, I'm glad you found the George Clooney piece to be amusing, it is an extended rhyme of another piece in which Mr Clooney plays a part .. the link you provided doesn't seem to work though, and I can't find the reference to this poem .. nonetheless I am happy to provide a link to your Blog.. feel free to add my site to your Bloglist .. thanks again for reading, hope to hear again soon .. KW