Thursday, 26 August 2010

On the Back of a Postcard ..

Endless Love

A life without love .. Is a poet without words
A poet without words .. Is a body without spirit
A body without spirit .. Is a day without light
A day without light .. Is a flower without colour
A flower without colour .. Is a poem without verse
A poem without verse .. Is a rhyme without rhythm
A rhyme without rhythm .. Is a phrase without pulse
A phrase without pulse .. Is a text without heart
A text without heart .. Is a heart without blood
A heart without blood .. Is a sea without water
A sea without water .. Is a moon without sun
A moon without sun .. Is a word without reason
A word without reason .. Is a self without sense
A self without sense .. Is a sense without being
A sense without being .. Is a being without soul
A being without soul .. Is a soul without life
A soul without life .. Is a life without love

*     *     *
Something sweet to keep you going round and round until the carnival comes to town. Promises, promises, but the real question is .. ?

*     *     *


Heinz Rainer said...

Once in a while there are some outstanding blogs, absolutely inspiring. This is one of them. inspiration comes from above

KW said...

Thank you Heinz .. it means a lot to me when people leave a comment, particularly such positive remarks .. thanks for following, I'm enjoying your blogs too .. {;o)

Heinz Rainer said...

Not at all - I meant what I said. And surely hope you receive the attention which would be naturally due to you. Pleasure always africasiaeuro